COVID-19 and Travel in Nepal

by travelmaxguide

on 8th October, 2020

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Neither you nor had I thought that there would be a disease like COVID 19 that will create imposition on travel. This is the only disease in the world that spreads by touching. So, we can say COVID 19 has stopped our life. But how long can we be stopped? On the other hand, we are open to the world after all we are human beings who think intelligently and smartly, and who want to be liberated. We have seen the lockdown that has made us jobless which has made the economy of our country poor that has created a barrier between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We have the solution to it, so does our country. Whatever law our country makes, we have to follow it, and the law says the tourists are allowed to enter Nepal. Please look at the post date of this blog because it matters to you because you can visit Nepal from October 17, 2020. All the tourism activities will be resumed from this date in Nepal. You may say the law has broken the rules and regulations of the lockdown because you and our country think that life has to go on and believe me we have broken this with a lot of precautions. Yes, you are 100% right, and all you have to do is wear a mask and sanitize your hands while you are in Nepal. The results of the precautions will put us in a better position, that is, we already know that COVID 19 is not a killer disease. Many people have recovered from this disease, and we all know this too.

Do you still want to travel to Nepal where COVID 19 has claimed little life of the people compares to other countries? Nepal is safe to visit, and we are not saying this. After all, we want business because we want to earn dollars; we are saying this according to our experience. We are also saying this because people go to the office, shops are open, hotels are open too, and I go to restaurants to eat hot momos. Also, the good news is the government of Nepal has opened a door to travelers like you. But the government has also set up certain rules and regulations, and they have been mentioned below.

Entry Protocol for Mountaineering Expeditions and Trekking in Nepal, 2077 Date of Issue: 2077/06/09

  1. All tourists coming to Nepal for mountaineering and trekking must acquire a visa before arriving in Nepal.
  2. In the case of countries where visa provision for Nepal is not available, expedition teams or trekkers can coordinate with Travel and Trekking agencies based in Nepal for the arrangement of prior approval to enter Nepal.
  3. For prior Visa approval, the Nepal based Agencies must submit all prescribed details of the client/s and relevant details to the Department of Tourism (DOT) for Expedition teams and the Nepal Tourism Board for Trekkers, for the recommendation of Visa to the Department of Immigration.
  4. For tourists arriving in Nepal as per point 1, the visa shall be provisioned at the point of entry by the Department of Immigration.
  5. Tourists entering Nepal must present the following documents at the entry point;
  6. RT (Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR) Negative taken within 72 hours before departing the home country
  7. Visa or prior approval document (ref point 1) for entry to Nepal.
  8. A hotel booking for at least 7 days’ quarantine in Nepal.
  9. Insurance of at least 5,000/- (Five thousand US Dollars) against COVID-19 per person.
  10. After entry to Nepal, tourists must stay in hotel quarantine for a minimum of 7 days.
  11. Tourists are required to take a PCR test on the fifth day of hotel quarantine at own expense and shall be allowed to proceed for expeditions or trekking on obtaining RT PCR Negative.
  12. As per Article 3, for tourists who test RT Positive for COVID-19, Quarantine shall be extended till he/ she obtains RT PCR Negative test report.
  13. Expedition or trekking teams must provide insurance coverage of a minimum of NPR 100,000/- (One lakh Nepali Rupees only) against COVID-19 to team members from Nepal before obtaining permission for expedition or trekking.
  14. While in expedition or trekking in Nepal, health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal must be duly followed.
  15. Other conditions and criteria to be followed by the tourist shall be as per regular updates from the Department of Tourism. The concerned agency must provide detailed information on the same to tourists before the expedition or trekking.

Guest blogger Prameet Subba