Nepal has much more than Mount Everest

by travelmaxguide

on 26th January, 2023

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal has much more than Mount Everest

Nepal the Smallest Country has the World’s Tallest Mountains and Takes you Back to Time Creating full of Excitement.

If you want to fast forward time, you have to enjoy its old system. And you find this very much true to Nepal.

Nepal is a country with the world’s highest mountains. They attract and challenge the climbers.

Perhaps Nepal is the only country in the world that aligns with their adventurous plans.

You may not be a climber or a trekker, but you were a traveler. And your journey began somewhere in another continent.

You discovered just the opposite of your thought. You had seen, not seen in your country.

If you want to see more and more, head to the south direction in Nepal.

Indeed, you are right when you say NEPAL IS MUCH MORE THAN MOUNTAINS. You are right, perhaps more than the estimation of the world’s people.

From man-made historical sites to naturally rich cities

Pokhara the second best tourist destination in Nepal introduces you to beautiful nature

Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal, is renowned for its unparalleled beauties. And it is incomparable to other parts of Nepal. And it is famous since it became a gateway to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Pokhara is not only naturally attractive, but also has a lot of tourism activities that come within your budget. Go for one of these that you might find expensive in other countries.

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Ultra Flights
  • Para Gliding
  • Zip Lining
  • Sky Diving

Or if you want something relaxing, head for a museum tour or to Mahendra Cave.

Are you seeking for peace of mind in your busy life?

Lumbini the birth place of Lord Buddha

Lumbini is also a place to clear your doubts whether the Lord Buddha was born in Nepal or in India. The more you come across the highlights, the more you know the points that support your doubts. Therein, visit the Maya Devi Temple, where the mother of Lord Buddha gave birth to the Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism and teacher of the purposes of our life.  Your guide will take you to the peepul tree to see the meditation place of Lord Buddha. He will also take you to the Maya Devi Pond and the Ashokan Pillar which were built in the early part of the 3rd century. Also see the temples and monasteries built by the Buddhist countries like Thailand, Japan, Tibet, etc.

How about stepping into Bandipur as you head from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Bandipur is a hilly village, located in the midst of the green trees. What you see on its streets are the children going to school, smiling and joking. The location of Bandipur seems to be calling you because it focuses on tourism, education, and health. Since it focuses on tourism, traditional values are given high importance. It makes you feel in a special place which can be noticed easily looking at its surrounding areas and seems to promote tourism silently from its own of perspectives.

If the area of Lumbini is peaceful, then Bandipur is renowned for safeties. Even in the middle of the night, you can roam on the street of Bandipur. If Darjeeling is the Queen of Hills in India, then Bandipur is the Queen of Hills in Nepal.

Are you willing to get yourself wet in the waters of Nepal that have originated from the aged-old Himalayas?


It is also the third most popular activity you can do after trekking and jungle safari. Seasoned rafting is the best in the months of June and July, that is, the volume of the water increases in these months. By rafting, you reach to the Chitwan National Park within 3 days. Here are the names of the rivers.

  1. Trishuli River Rafting
  2. Sun Koshi River Rafting Tour
  3. Kali Gandaki River Rafting
  4. Bheri River Rafting
  5. Bhote Koshi River Rafting
  6. Karnali River Rafting
  7. Marshyangdi River Rafting
  8. Upper Seti River Rafting Tour
  9. Lower Seti River Rafting
  10. Tamur River Rafting

However, we recommend to you the Trishuli River Rafting which can be completed within 4 hours, and its starting point lies near to Kathmandu.

Or do you want to head directly from the hills and snow-covered mountains to the plain region of Nepal via Kathmandu?

The plain region is also called the Mahabharata Region. And it is here where the Chitwan National Park is located, the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers. The tigers are doubling here every year. This is more than a good news to the Tiger Conservation Organization.  You are in the habitat of tigers, rhinos, birds, and crocodiles. Plus, this is going to be a cultural tour when you immerse yourself in the THARU CULTURE. You are going to enjoy all the highlights of the Chitwan National Park by means of elephant riding. This is really once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Would like to turn your Head Away??? Yes, Away from the eye-catching Mountains

Ask any queries to our guide to know about your travel Nepal. They not only clear your doubts but also take you to all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites within one day. And what could be better than this to a tourist confronted by a little amount of time? Here is the list of the sites where you will have opportunities to know about the lost culture and traditions.

Pashupatinath or the boss of all naths

All the Hindus of the world look upon this temple with the highest level of respect. In your eyes, the greatest temple of the Hindus stands in front of you. The people of other religions can see this temple from a walking distance. You will see a dead body placed on a heap of wood.  And this is a Hindu ritual system being performed on the bank of the Bagmati River.  Pashupatinath is the only temple that has dome-shaped made of gold.

The Pashupatinath Area has a lot of attractions, including all the activities that a Hindu performs under one roof.

Bouddhanath Stupa

Another UNESCO World Heritage site that you are going to visit is this masterpiece creation. And it is a historical site, more than 1200 years old. And it is a gateway to the monasteries where there are statues of Tibetan gods and goddesses. It is also an emblem of peace and love. As you look up at this stupa from its surrounding area, you will find it standing against the dominating blue sky.

Kathmandu Durbar Square Located in the heart of the Capital

If Egypt is famous for pyramids, then Kathmandu is famous for wood carving. If you want the evidence, then the Kathmandu Durbar Square is the perfect example. It was a palace, and it has a large courtyard. It is untouched, built more than 500 years ago. You are in the periphery where only the Royals had the rights. Enjoy your rights as a commoner now. Enjoy your rights as a tourist now. Enjoy your rights in a special way along with Nepali visitors.

Swayambhunath the Eyes of the Lord Buddha

This is a viewpoint that lets you to swallow the view of Kathmandu. Its another name is Monkey Temple. What you see besides this are thunderbolt, the statue of Lord Buddha, and the Sleeping Buddha. And what you do other things are you visit the Dewa Dharma Monastery, and take the photos of the traditional Tibetan paintings.

Since Nepal is a budget destination, you will have everything on your side. To turn your dream into reality, we work from the day you start planning to coming to Nepal and visiting its attractions.



Written by: Prameet Subba, Content writer of Travel Max Guide