Nepal is open for all season

by travelmaxguide

on 19th December, 2020

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Nepal is like Switzerland in terms of geographical location, but when it comes to comparing their economy, Nepal is much below, and what makes Nepal different is you can trek up to the base of Mount Everest, or you can trek up to the base of Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain. Nepal is naturally beautiful in terms of god-gifted beautiful mountains. There is no other country in this world like Nepal where you will have access to trek in the east, west, and central part, creating an opportunity for you to trek in short and long trekking trails and to climb different 6,000 m plus mountains. It is true you can climb one of these mountains in 2 days, and to reach the base of the mountain, you will need some extra days. Sometimes you will need 12 days, sometimes 10 days, the days depend on the location of the mountain and take you to the region surrounded by snow-capped mountains. That moment will be awesome. And who can ignore this relationship as well as the content of this sentence “There is a bond between the westerners and the mountains of Nepal.”


The Best and Famous Tourism Activity in Nepal

Several questions may arise in your mind; one of them may be, is Nepal only for trekkers? Where there are mountains, there are rivers, and Nepal just doesn’t have rivers, but she has great rivers famous for their rapids all across the world. That means Nepal is also the best destination for rafting. Pick up Nepal either for trekking or rafting, but when it comes to picking up the best trekking destination from the list of countries, Nepal is the winner in the field of trekking of the world.

Those westerners, who are coming to Nepal, know the temperature as well as know the season in which they are trekking in Nepal, still, we think it is necessary to write this blog because the season and its weather keep on changing every year, and who knows this better than we do, after all, we are the locals who are interested in sharing OUR NEPAL SEASON EXPERIENCE that we have gone through in the past and recent years in the different parts in Nepal.

Just like you do in your country, you can also divide the seasons of Nepal into 4 parts, and almost all the trekking companies of Nepal say you can trek in any of these seasons, and they are open even during the greatest festival time of Nepal. These companies are saying on their websites you can visit Nepal any time of the year; you may be wondering are they telling the truth? Yes, they are telling the truth. They know Nepal very well because Nepal does not have an extreme kind of weather. You can overcome it. Landslides are common in the rainy season, but there is always an alternative that will take you to your desired destination on time as long as you are with a trekking guide.


Let’s come straightly to the point; autumn is the best season for trekking in Nepal. This season consists of September, October, and November. You may see many trekkers heading to Nepal during these months. There are no rains, and you will see the bluest sky, and there is plenty of sunshine. When you have these things, you can be 101% sure, you will have a beautiful view of the mountain every day as you trek from one place to another in the Himalayan Region. Since lots of trekkers are heading to Nepal during these months, we would like to suggest you do a booking, and when it comes to having a perfect service in a remote place of Nepal, who knows this better than John, the founder of this trekking company. So if you are thinking of trekking in Nepal, remember SON, which stands for September, October, and November; also remember these are the best months for trekking.

Spring Season

The winter season that ends at the last week of February gives you a chilling experience if you are in Nepal in this season. From March, the spring season begins and lasts up till May. You cannot ignore the spring season for trekking at all. It has sweetness. The weather is not so cold as in the winter. You can look upon it as the second-best trekking season in Nepal. Spring is not so cold in Nepal, and we mean to say it is moderate, and when the spring is moderate, you cannot avoid doing trekking in Nepal. Now spring season in Nepal includes MAM, which means March, April, and May. Pick up one of these months for trekking, don’t worry you will have a beautiful view of the mountain.


Summer Season

When the summer season begins in Nepal, you will see the rainy season coming along with it. June, July and August are hot months, and they comprise what you call the summer season in Nepal. When there is rain every day, you do not like to trek, however, you can still trek in some of the parts of Nepal, and they are Dolpo and Mustang. These two regions are the deserts of Nepal. You can call these regions the Himalayan Desert. We bet when you trek in the Himalayan Desert, there will be no rain. You will have a chance to do the trek in the summer season in the Dolpo and Mustang regions in Nepal.


Winter Season

The winter season in Nepal begins from December to February. Since you are trekking in the Himalayan Region, you know how cold it is there. We mean to say the cold temperature in these months. If you are from the cold places of the UK, Canada, Europe, and the USA, then you can easily do the trekking in the coldest months of Nepal like December, January, and February.


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