Photography Tour in Nepal

by travelmaxguide

on 3rd April, 2018

Trekking in Nepal

Photography Tour in Nepal

Nepal is arguably the most photogenic place on earth. What makes this country truly sensational for photographers are rich nature, landscape, culture, festival, lifestyle, ethnic groups, high hills, and the highest mountains.

Here is a list of things to photograph in Nepal.

1. Festivals:

With a great variety of cultures co-existing, Nepal is a country full of festivals. It is said that Nepal has more festivals than the days in a year. Every day is a day of celebration for one or another community. Festivals in Nepal are full of colors, lights, folk music, and food. Various cultures wear their traditional dresses. They have their values and definitions of their practices. Although we do have diverse cultures, ethnic people, we do have unity and live in peace and harmony. In Nepal, there is a unity in diversity. It is a place where you can be exposed to communities. Also, there is a family atmosphere. Capture all of these in your camera.

biskat jatra festival

2. People and faces:

In this small county, you will find ethnically diverse faces. This multi-ethnic country offers a variety of faces, and you will be amazed to find them.

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3. Bazaars

In this country, you will find a lot of bazaars which are vibrant and which sell eatables. There, you see both commercial and cultural sides. In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, you will find the diverse markets as well as traditional markets. Find out the local markets where you can see the people selling shiny bangles, local spices, vegetables, and silverware, including daily commodities. Some of these bazaars have been there for centuries and reflect the life of the Nepalese people.

street of nepal

4. Ancient cities of Nepal

Nepal has a lot of beautiful ancient cities where you will see crafts, curves, temple plated with golds, stone temples, beautiful potteries, and mind-blowing architectures.

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5. Monks and Sadhus:

Nepal is an amazing country where several different cultures, religion, and languages harmoniously co-exist. It is common to encounter many sadhus and monks in Nepal. Monks and Sadhu of Nepal are fit for photography.

sadhu pashupatinath
Sadhu in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu

6. Wildlife Photography in Nepal

Wildlife diversity is a notable feature of this wonderful country. The home to the exotic wildlife, such as tigers, elephants, monkeys, one-horned rhinos, bears, deer, crocodiles, leopards, river dolphins and a staggering 900 species of birds. Nepal is also a hub for bird watchers. Nepal is exceptionally famous for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

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7. Sunrise in Nepal

You can see the magnificent view in Nepal. Like some of the places of Nepal are very famous for sunrise and mountains ranges.

8. Landscape

Nepal has regions of mountains, hill, and Terai. Nepal offers widely diverse terrains in a relatively small area. The dramatic landscape of Nepal makes it amazingly photogenic. The green terraced farming land, luscious jungles, rough, barren hills, snowcapped mountains, and green grasslands are the assets of Nepal.

chhuksang village mustang


9. Mountains

When we plan to travel to Nepal. Firstly, you will be in love with the mountains. Nepal is home to the most beautiful mountains in the world, including the highest mountain.

Mount Everest. Nothing is so beautiful than finding oneself surrounded by the gigantic snow-capped mountains rising into the sky. Nepal is the best place to capture these magnificent giants.

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