Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Travel Max Guide is a tour operator based in Nepal. It’s run by the local experts who have been working in responsible tourism for more than a decade. The company promotes local and unidentified destinations, research the new walking routes, values cultural tourism, minimizes the negative impacts on the environment, economy, and cultural values. Equip and support local projects and the communities to be sustained by tourism.

Policy aims

Promote local products, communities, and help them to be sustained. Respect the local values and save the environment. Save our planet.

Economic responsibility

  1. Simply we are the local tour operator promoting the local communities and touristic attractions spots of Nepal. Research and promote underrated destinations.
    All of our company members like administrative staff, ground staff- tourist guide, trekking guide, porters, drivers are local. We hire local people while we do the trek in the remote parts of Nepal.
  2. Support local entrepreneurs by enhancing their skills providing guidelines in sustainable tourism, helping them to find out the markets, do the networking between the local communities and the vendors.
  3. Occasionally we facilitate the photography workshop where our travelers will share their experiences and skills with our local people. In the workshop, people can get knowledge about photography and many more. Share the experiences and stories of the Himalayas. Conduct a storytelling photography workshop.
  4. We help local communities to sell their local products such as handicrafts, knitting items, and other organic kinds of stuff. First of all, we buy their local products, and then we promote to our global friends, pass the essential information and its authenticity. We encourage our travelers to buy local products.
  5. We stay at local guesthouse/mountain teahouses during the time of our trekking and tours.
  6. We also help the local people, communities, and their products by filming and disseminate online sources. Help such kind of source to reach globally by promoting on our company websites.
  7. We take photographs with their permission and promote local culture and its beauty to the world.

Environmental Responsibility

We are working to save our planet so we hope the same from you. How?

  1. By using gas/bio-gas rather than the firewood.
  2. Avoid or encourage our travelers not to use non-disposable items.
  3. What we use, they can be recycled and use back as our needs.
  4. Company staff takes part in plantation programs, social awareness, and many more activities related to the environment.
  5. We use electronic or computerize administrative work forms and other relevant works in the same nature.
  6. We have invested in eco-friendly technology.
  7. Reduce carbon footprint and avoid using plastics.
  8. Conserve water resources and protect it from being polluted.
  9. Using renewable energy like using solar battery charges while doing trips.
  10. Use local products vegetables which are organic and healthy. Reduce using harmful chemicals.
  11. Buying recycled products.
  12. And last is stop littering.

Social Responsibility

  1. As a tour operator, we pass the proper information about the local culture and traditions. Show respect for their social and religious beliefs.
  2. Notice our travelers about the recent social and political situation of Nepal. While touring in temples, local monuments, and local communities we pass adequate information about their practices. Use of dress code, languages, and so on…
  3. In inception, we work in our communities providing scholarship programs, social awareness, and supporting vulnerable children. To make it sustain and make our vision alive, we execute our passion as being a tourism worker. Which we love to do. Right now, we are happy to help and support some communities and children of Nepal by using our certain income in social work. We are running child sponsorship programs for the children of Nepal.
  4. We take our traveler to the local projects where they can see the local involvement such as visiting the local cheese factories, handmade products projects, and conservation areas of Nepal.