Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Nepal

by travelmaxguide

on 24th March, 2022

Nepal Information

amadablam mountain

The desire of Travel Max Guide is to create a memorable travel experience. Along with it, the extension of Travel Max Guide covers a global topic like sustainable and responsible tourism. This is an environmental up gradation as well as positive impact on the society through its responsibility. We believe that our clients should know what we want from them before visiting Nepal. The rules like respecting the local culture and following the ways are the things to be followed strictly by our clients, trekking guides, and porters. Indeed, many things come under its roof, for instance, saving water is one of the parts of sustainable tourism. If we go deeper, then saving water in a mountainous region means preserving the life of other living beings on this planet. The coverage of sustainable and responsible tourism is wide, but we mainly focus on supporting the communities and their economies, the area, where we revolve 90% in a year. Last but not least, the impressive responsibility we leave behind on the environment should not be taken lightly.

Due to accessible trekking trail, we walk up to a high altitude in their mountainous area and do not want to degrade both of them. Because we follow the methods and systems that streamline with the environmental protection, degradation protection, and trekking trail maintenance. If we do not follow them from our hearts, we know very well that future trekkers will have no natural epic trekking trail in the Himalayan region. These trails are scenic and take you to the wonderful attraction of the places by leading you near the stunning mountain sceneries.

The main objective of Travel Max Guide is your objective is our objective and your failure is our failure, including your success is our success. This is not only our business objective but also our sustainable and responsible tourism objective. This is what we love to practice in the remote area of Nepal where the people are not as lucky as we city people are.

Travel Max Guide examines the impact of tourism in the Himalayan region of Nepal from the point of view of hardcore responsible and sustainable tourism. Whether it is soil erosion or muddiness or litter or the protection of the plants, we are always at the forefront to keep them intact. We also pay attention to the effects of trampling on vegetation in the Himalayan region and strongly shoulder the responsibility to work with the protocols of the national parks. Some of these regions are home to endangered species and some have historical significance in the Everest region, Travel Max Guide has played a major role in protecting the history of climbers in Nepal.

With Travel Max Guide, you can go for the Nepali home stay program in all the trekking regions of Nepal. This is a complete immersion in the Nepali culture. Travel Max Guide helps the host family to earn a little bit of extra money.

We have partnered with the local villagers and worked together to construct the schools which were destroyed during the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Many international volunteers worked with us. During the briefing, you will receive a lot of hints from us, so that all of us can contribute something valuable to the environment and society while traveling.