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Meet Baam, a distinguished senior guide at Travel Max Guide, whose illustrious career in the world of trekking has spanned over two decades. His journey began in 1999, and since then, he has become an integral part of our team, sharing his wealth of experience and passion for trekking with travelers from around the world.

Baam’s profound expertise extends to some of the most iconic trekking destinations in Nepal, including the majestic Everest, the captivating Annapurna, the enchanting Manaslu, and the serene Langtang. His in-depth knowledge of these regions ensures that each trek is a memorable and well-guided experience, with Baam’s insights adding an extra layer of richness to the journey.

Baam’s own trek began as a porter, carrying the dreams and aspirations of fellow travelers on his shoulders. Over the years, he has climbed the ranks and emerged as a senior guide, a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to the art of trekking.

With Baam as your guide, you can rest assured that your trekking adventure will be in the capable hands of a seasoned expert who knows the trails, cultures, and landscapes of Nepal like the back of his hand. His journey from porter to senior guide is a true inspiration, reflecting his passion for the outdoors and his desire to create unforgettable trekking experiences for all who join him on the trail.

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