John Shrestha


John Shrestha stands as a distinguished co-founder and dedicated Team Leader at Travel Max Guide, an industry vanguard in the sphere of travel and tourism. Hailing from the Gorkha district, the gateway to the renowned Manaslu Trek, John’s formative years were immersed in the rich cultural and geographical tapestry of Nepal. His family’s subsequent relocation to Chitwan, home to Nepal’s inaugural national park, afforded him a deep appreciation for both the mountainous and lowland regions of the country.

With an unwavering commitment spanning more than a decade in the travel industry, John Shrestha has emerged as a seasoned luminary. His fervor for travel is matched only by his dedication to philanthropy. John has undertaken a noble mission to provide essential financial support to underprivileged children through his role in founding and leading FAN, a benevolent organization dedicated to sponsoring the education and well-being of disadvantaged youth.

For comprehensive insights into John’s humanitarian endeavors and to explore the impactful initiatives undertaken by FAN, please visit Beyond his altruistic pursuits, John Shrestha is a distinguished designer and accomplished photographer, adding a creative dimension to his versatile skillset and multifaceted personality.

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