Niroj Dyola


Meet Niroj, the web Ninja of our team, whose passion for web designing and online marketing has been a driving force since the inception of our company. With unwavering dedication, Niroj has been an integral part of our journey from day one, lending his expertise as our IT Officer and overseeing the entire system of Travel Max Guide.

Niroj’s technical prowess and innovative mindset have been instrumental in shaping our online presence and ensuring the smooth operation of our systems. His commitment to excellence guarantees that our digital footprint remains strong, enabling us to offer exceptional services to our valued clients.

Beyond his IT wizardry, Niroj is an adventurer at heart. His love for the thrill of exploration and adventure perfectly complements our mission to create unforgettable travel experiences. With Niroj on board, you can be confident that your journey with Travel Max Guide will be not only well-supported by cutting-edge technology but also infused with a spirit of adventure and discovery.

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