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Meet Rajesh, hailing from the Gorkha district, which serves as the esteemed starting point of the renowned Manaslu Trek. His journey in the tourism industry began as a humble porter, where he carried the weight of travelers’ aspirations on his shoulders. Through hard work and dedication, Rajesh ascended the ranks to become an assistant guide, offering invaluable support and guidance to fellow adventurers.

After three years of honing his skills and enriching his knowledge, Rajesh’s dedication and passion for his craft led him to attain the esteemed role of a tour guide. His deep understanding of the trails, culture, and natural beauty of the region make him a valuable asset to our team and a trusted companion for travelers.

In addition to his impressive career trajectory, Rajesh possesses a unique talent – fluency in the Korean language. This linguistic proficiency enhances the travel experience for Korean-speaking visitors, ensuring clear communication and cultural insights during their journey.

Rajesh’s remarkable journey from porter to tour guide, coupled with his language proficiency, exemplifies his commitment to providing exceptional experiences for travelers exploring the treasures of the Manaslu region. With him as your guide, you can embark on a journey that blends local expertise, cultural immersion, and linguistic fluency, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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