Just the aventure (body and soul) that I was looking for and yet did not expect most of it!

by travelmaxguide

on 29th September, 2023

Having come to Nepal for the first time in my life after 48 years, I had no expectations whatsoever. All I had in mind is to have time for myself, with myself, experience the mountains around Everest, glaciers and some tough trek.

Needless to say I got what I wish for and much, much more. From the local cuisine I had daily (not the western dishes they obviously are accustomed to preparing for tourists), the Long walks (up and down though mostly I remember the upward slopes), the amazing views of this remote part of the planet, mighty mountains covered in snow and the very (extremely) cold weather at night, even indoors. Yet in some way felt quite purifying for both body and soul.

The people that took me in the out (Tek, porter and Sudip, the guide) were incredible, they made me feel at home, taking care of me at all times to make sure I stayed safe and happy (given this time of Covid the number of tourists were minimal and yet felt at all times taken care of and never alone, except when I so wanted). I would recommend it for the people who want to feel an adventure, who want to see the wild, who want to feel humbled by the sheer size of these mountains, fresh air and water, icy/snowy tracks, astonishing glaciers, who want to get lost a bit from life and come out stronger, both physically and mentally for whatever challenge may be waiting for them around the corner on their daily lives.

In summary it is a trip more to the inside than to the outside but requiring a lot of physical strength and commitment to complete this trip. I just finished it yesterday and feel quite accomplished. I think I will return with my some and wife at some point in my life, as it is something it is (now in retrospect) better to be shared than showed in pictures which will never reflect the feelings of actually being part of it. Are you upo for it? Apparently I was 😉