Travel for a purpose

by travelmaxguide

on 18th March, 2019

Nepal Information

Travel for a purpose

Imagine Travel Max Guide as a spider web that will help you to get connected that will share experience, that is a learning center, that is a helping center, driven by love and passion that will create a good time not only now, but also in the future and puts you on the path that leads to the ultimate wellbeing of the children that are the victims of circumstances in Nepal.

Travel Max Guide is a professional team that guides you from the plain areas (Terai) to the world’s highest Himalayas in a way you want because it is a customer-oriented company. Operates trekking, mountaineering, tours, adventures, safaris, filming, volunteer and customized/ tailor-made, including outbound in Tibet, Bhutan, and India, Travel Max Guide is synonymous with these. Those who love trekking can explore the wisdom in it exactly in a way that they wish before starting their journey in the corners of Nepal.

The social concept of Travel Max Guide (TMG) is the First Act Nepal (FAN), an organization that will help you to create a new relation, which will help you to contribute, which will help you to hug needy children with full of love. What could be better than this to the children who are waiting for you in the doorway seeing when you walk in.

Nepal is a white spot where you have a platform to color yourself, in a sense, through activities that will boost mankind. Nepal is also a traveling spot and more than the Himalayas that the trekkers want to enjoy, climbing the maximum altitudes in one of the remotest parts of the world. Nepal offers you diversities, various activities, trends, themes, geographical structures, lifestyles, traditions, and cultures that are rarely and merely found in other parts of the world. Pointing to the top, heading to the never-ending marathon, so before you lose the earthly things, travel and discover yourself, what life is all about in Nepal. The contents of Nepal are diversities where you see non-stop travel from the beginning to the end.

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