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Bird Watching in Nepal

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Our "Easy" trips are perfect for beginners and those looking for a relaxed and culturally enriching experience. These journeys typically involve shorter hikes on well-marked trails or city tours with minimal physical exertion. They are designed to focus on cultural immersion and are accessible to most travelers.

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Comfort (3-star): Mid-range accommodations with extra comforts. Ideal for trekkers at lodges/teahouses. Includes daily breakfast in Kathmandu. (AP= Accommodation with all three meals at trekking destination).


  • Bird Diversity: Home to 441 bird species, including rare and migratory birds.
  • Migratory Marvel: Hosts 87 winter and Trans-Himalayan migratory species.
  • Varied Habitats: Diverse landscapes provide ideal bird habitats.
  • Expert Guiding: Certified guides and great opportunities for wildlife photography.

Bird Watching in Nepal

The Koshi Tappu, nestled in the lowlands of eastern Nepal, is a remarkable island that has garnered international recognition as a wetland of paramount importance. This pristine region, also designated as a protected area, is a sanctuary for the rare and majestic wild water buffaloes, scientifically known as Bubalus Arnee. Administered by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Koshi Tappu stands as the sole habitat within Nepal where these remarkable creatures thrive, with their population steadily on the rise. Comprising 90% aquatic environments, Koshi Tappu is enveloped by an intricate network of barrages, marshes, lagoons, mudflats, and arable land. Yet, this sanctuary is more than just Bubalus Arnee; it is a haven for avian enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It boasts an impressive roster of 441 bird species, including 20 diverse duck species, 2 distinct Ibis species, and rarities such as the White-Tailed Stonechat, Striated Marsh Warbler, Shore Birds, Waterbirds, and the critically endangered Swamp Partridge and Bengal Florican. Additionally, Koshi Tappu hosts 87 species of winter migratory birds and those traversing the Trans-Himalayan route. Recent sightings have also unveiled the presence of new migratory avifauna. The sanctuary is further enriched by the diversity of its avian residents, which include the swamp francolin (Francolinus gularis), Baer’s pochard (Aythya baeri), Pallas’s fish eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus), greater spotted eagle (Aquila clanga), lesser adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus), and spot-billed pelican (Pelecanus philippensis).

Koshi Tappu isn’t limited to birdlife; it harbors a wealth of terrestrial fauna as well. Among its inhabitants are Hog deer, Wild boar, Spotted deer, Blue bull, and the elusive Rock python. In the Koshi River, diverse fish species thrive alongside the endangered Gharial Crocodile and the Gangetic Dolphin. Notable fish species include Barilius jalkapoorei and Pseudeutropius murius, while other aquatic denizens like nilgai, smooth-coated otter, and red-crowned roof turtle also call this sanctuary home.


In Kathmandu, your base will be a comfortable 3-star hotel (Value). During your captivating bird-watching escapade at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, you will reside in a standard hotel or wildlife camp, ensuring a restful and immersive experience.

  • Kathmandu: 3 Nights
  • Wildlife Camp: 2 Nights


Included in your trip cost is the convenience of transportation throughout your journey in Nepal. This comprehensive fare covers airport transfers via private vehicle, ensuring a seamless and stress-free arrival and departure process.

Airport Arrival:

Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, you will easily spot our team holding a “Travel Max Guide (TMG Adventure)” signboard. They will warmly welcome you and facilitate your transfer to your hotel. Our dedicated company representatives will provide you with detailed trip information either at your hotel lobby or, if time permits, during a visit to our office.


In Kathmandu, you will be treated to a daily breakfast at your hotel. Meanwhile, your stay at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Camp includes three hearty meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all accompanied by tea or coffee.

  • Breakfast: 5
  • Lunch: 2
  • Dinner: 3

Farewell Dinner:

As part of our commitment to creating memorable experiences, Travel Max Guide values interaction with our guests. We look forward to hearing about your adventures, experiences at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, and your thoughts on our team and services during a delightful farewell dinner. This gathering not only fosters rapport but also offers you a taste of Nepali culture with captivating dance performances at a traditional restaurant.

Accomplishment Certificate:

To express our gratitude and appreciation for choosing Travel Max Guide, we will present you with an accomplishment certificate and authentic Nepali gifts as tokens of our admiration. Your trust in us as a valued member of the Travel Max Guide family is deeply cherished.

The Travel Max Guide Team:

Our team embodies a tireless work ethic, a passion for exploration, and a profound expertise in guiding. Hailing from the Land of Himalayas, we serve as storytellers who lead you through local villages, trails, safaris, and mountains. Our focus on immersing you in local authenticity, life, and culture is driven by our certification as tourist and trekking guides, officially licensed by the Nepal Government. Trained in first aid, our team ensures your safety and well-being throughout your journey. In case of emergencies, rest assured that the company is equipped to provide evacuation assistance.

Travel Insurance:

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance for your peace of mind while planning your trip to Nepal. Please ensure that your insurance policy covers medical expenses, evacuation, and related health-related aspects. Prior to your arrival in Nepal, make a copy of your insurance policy and provide it to our company. In the event that you require mountain rescue services, the information will be promptly shared with the insurance company.

Passport and Visa:

Before traveling to Nepal, please ensure that your passport remains valid for at least six months. Upon arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, you can conveniently obtain a Tourist Visa ‘On Arrival.’ The visa process is expeditious and straightforward. For further details, visit the Nepal Immigration website. Visa fees at entry points are as follows:

  • 15 Days: $30
  • 30 Days: $50
  • 90 Days: $125

For travelers from China and SAARC countries, a complimentary visa will be provided.

Extend Your Holiday / Optional Itinerary and Services:

Travel Max Guide offers exclusive trekking and tour packages in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Our diverse range of packages, categorized by themes and experiences, can be explored on our website. We also provide options for extending your stay with additional days, ensuring flexibility and reliability in accommodating your preferences. Should you require any assistance or have specific requests, please feel free to submit a quick inquiry form, and our team will be delighted to assist you.

Travel for a Good Cause:

Travel Max Guide operates with a profound sense of social responsibility through its association with First Act Nepal (FAN). We are committed to making a positive impact by supporting the children of Nepal through our child sponsorship program. Your journey with us contributes to this noble cause, allowing us to provide essential assistance and opportunities to those in need. Together, we aim to build a more inclusive and supportive community where everyone can thrive.

Volunteering Opportunities:

For those inclined towards social work or volunteer activities, Travel Max Guide offers avenues to get involved and make a meaningful difference. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in contributing to initiatives that benefit local communities and causes.

Group Tours and Solo Travelers:

Our group tours typically accommodate a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 30 individuals. In these tours, you will be accompanied by a dedicated tour leader and naturalist during wildlife safaris. Additionally, we offer private tours tailored to your specific preferences and timelines, ideal for solo travelers seeking a personalized experience.

Wildlife Photography Tour:

Upon request, we can arrange specialized wildlife photography tours in Nepal. These tours are led by experienced photographers and are well-suited for photography enthusiasts, professionals, and those eager to learn the art of capturing nature’s beauty. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Travel Max Guide welcomes you to embark on a journey of discovery, adventure, and philanthropy in the enchanting landscapes of Nepal. Your trust in us is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences while making a positive impact on local communities and wildlife conservation. We look forward to accompanying you on an unforgettable expedition.

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Detail Itinerary of Bird watching in Nepal

Embark on an unforgettable journey that begins and concludes in Kathmandu. Our 6-day Bird Watching in Nepal includes top-tier accommodations, hassle-free transportation, essential domestic flights, the guidance of certified and expert local trek leaders, and all the necessary permits for your trekking adventure.

Vital Note for Your Itinerary:
Upon the successful completion of your 6-day journey, you will return to Kathmandu via a flight from Biratnagar. To ensure a smooth and well-prepared start to your tour, we highly advise all travelers to arrive in Kathmandu at least one day prior to the departure date, ideally in the afternoon. This additional day will provide ample time for essential guidance, comprehensive weather briefings, and emotional support.



Arrival in Kathmandu

Start Point: Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Greetings and welcome to Nepal. Upon your arrival, our team will be waiting to greet you outside Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal, where you will proceed with the check-in process at your designated hotel.







Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

Today’s sightseeing itinerary encompasses the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are categorically classified as Stupas, Temples, and Palaces. The customization of this sightseeing experience can be tailored to align with your specific interests, with meticulous route planning being undertaken by our knowledgeable city guide from TMG.

Kathmandu Durbar Square: Situated a considerable distance from your current lodging, Kathmandu Durbar Square holds historical significance as a former ceremonial site and royal palace where the coronations of future kings took place. Today, it has transformed into a museum within a palace setting. During your visit, you will gain insight into the lifestyles of the royals and marvel at the architectural prowess displayed through its monuments, temples, and statues, which reflect the craftsmanship of Nepalese architects from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple): Be prepared for a slightly elevated location, as this ancient stupa, over 2,000 years old, is perched atop a hill. It stands as the most prominent among all Buddhist Stupas in Nepal and boasts a captivating representation of Lord Buddha on each of its sides. The base is adorned with stonework featuring the five Dhyani Buddhas – Vairocana, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, and Aksobhya, symbolizing Lord Buddha’s wisdom. Visitors flock to this site for a panoramic view of Kathmandu from its vantage point.

Pashupatinath: Pashupatinath, steeped in antiquity, is diligently maintained and renovated by Hindu Committees in Nepal. While there have been recent additions in and around the temple, its historical significance remains unchanged. Pashupatinath stands as the paramount temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in close proximity to the heart of Kathmandu. Access to the temple’s main gate is restricted to Hindus, but as an observer, you can appreciate its architectural splendor from a distance. If fortune favors you, you may witness Hindu cremation rituals taking place.

Bouddhanath: Bouddhanath, another remarkable stupa, holds immense religious significance for Buddhists. Resembling Swayambhunath, it features a distinctive white dome. The site is shrouded in myth, with some claiming it houses the remains of Kasyapa Buddha (Buddha incarnation), while others attribute it to Lord Buddha himself. Encircling the stupa’s base are 108 small images of the Dhyani Buddha Amitabha, further enhancing its spiritual allure.





Meals Included:




Fly to Biratnagar and drive to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Following a nourishing breakfast, our itinerary will proceed as follows: We will embark on a journey to Kathmandu’s domestic airport and board a flight bound for Biratnagar in the southern region of Nepal. Upon arrival, we will transfer to our designated hotel, complete the check-in process, and refresh ourselves. Following a satisfying lunch, our plans include a leisurely birdwatching excursion on foot, exploring the picturesque surroundings along the banks of the Saptakoshi River.


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve



Meals Included:




Explore Koshi Tappu- Full day safari

An early morning wake-up call will rouse you from slumber. After a brief morning stroll, enjoy a hearty breakfast to fuel your day. Subsequently, we will embark on a thrilling rafting adventure along the Sapta Koshi River, providing an opportunity to witness a myriad of bird species, observe water buffaloes, and catch glimpses of playful dolphins. Our journey will then continue with a drive to the Koshi Barrage, where you can further indulge in birdwatching and dolphin sightings. Throughout this safari experience, our knowledgeable naturalist will serve as your guide, enhancing your appreciation of the region’s natural wonders.


Koshi Tappu Wildlife



Meals Included:




Early morning bird watching and fly to Kathmandu

Commencing at 6 a.m., you have the opportunity to take a morning stroll in the vicinity of the jungle, where you can engage in birdwatching and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Following this refreshing activity, a satisfying breakfast will be served. Subsequently, we will embark on a journey to Biratnagar and proceed to board a flight back to Kathmandu, concluding our memorable adventure in the southern region of Nepal.





Meals Included:




Trip Concludes

A designated company representative will provide you with transportation to the international airport in a private vehicle, ensuring a seamless and comfortable departure experience.



Meals Included:


Trip Includes


  • 3-star hotel accommodation in Bed and Breakfast plan (BB Plan) in Kathmandu
  • Standard Hotel/ Wildlife Camp accommodation at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
  • All ground transportation by the private vehicle
  • Round trip flight from Kathmandu-Biratnagar-Kathmandu including departures taxes
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Full board meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with tea/coffee in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
  • As indicated in the itinerary
  • English speaking Tourist Guide and Nature Guide
  • Official paper documents, entrance fees, Government taxes and local fees


  • International flights tickets\
  • Nepal entry visa
  • Personal trekking equipment and expenses like water, laundry, phone and bar bills
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from your trip (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary. Expenses due to unavoidable events, like flight cancellation, strikes, and others
  • Tips to your guide, porter, and driver
  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned in the “cost include” section

Frequently asked questions.

How much money should I bring with me?

The trip price we have mentioned is inclusive and includes transportation, accommodation, meals during the trek, and government taxes, including guide service and porter. For personal expenses, the money you should bring is USD 500, and you have to exchange it into Nepali currency in Kathmandu before trekking.

Will I be refunded if I don't finish the trek on time?

No, because we have to pay for the hotel, transportation company, guide, government, and porter. For some trips, we have to book air tickets. We have to book all of these in advance. That is the reason, why we do not refund.

Can I add extra days to my trekking trip?

Only if you are doing a private tour (private trek), you can add extra days. If you are trekking in a group, then this is not possible. Because in a private tour, you have chosen your date, and you can trek in the way you have decided, we mean to say, there will be you or your family or friends, no outsiders.

Who else is in my trekking group?

There will be other people in the group, but we do not tell you about their personal information, but of course, we can say the number of people in the group.

Are solo female trekkers safe?

Nepal is the safest trekking destination in the world because you will be with a trekking guide and a porter. Lodges are safe, and our guide always gives paramount importance to your safety.

What is the age limit for the trek?

There is no such age limit because we have had families who trekked with us with their kids like 9 years old as well as senior people aged 70.

What happens if I get sick or injured while trekking?

If you are seriously affected by altitude mountain sickness, then you will be flown to Kathmandu for treatment.

What immunizations will I need?

Hepatitis A
· Hepatitis B
· Typhoid
· Malaria
· Rabies

Do you accommodate a vegetarian trekker?

We would like to recommend this diet rather than meat because in the mountainous regions there are no fridges to store meat.

Where can I pee on the trail?

If it is urgent, then you should find some privacy on the trail and pee.

Can I charge the mobile on the trek?

Yes, you can charge, and you have to pay $1 to $4 an hour for charging.

What type of adapter might I need?

C or D type outlet (adapter). Ask your guide, you can buy an adapter at a cheap price in Kathmandu.

What about Wi-Fi or phone calls?

Tea houses might charge you from USD3 to USD 10 for Wi-Fi, and another option is to get a Nepal Telecom SIM card or Ncell SIM Card. You can also use your guide’s mobile for an international if you reimburse him.

Laundry on the trek

Yes, you can at a small fee, especially when you acclimatize.

Can I use credit cards or USD while trekking?

In Nepal, many people still use cash; this does mean there is no ATM. You will find ATM in the main cities of Nepal, including Kathmandu and Pokhara. We would like to recommend you to exchange USD into Nepali currency before trekking.


You must be 100% physically fit, that means, you should not have acute health problem nor chronic health problem.

It is ok if I have never trekked in Nepal before

Most of the time, we have the first time trekkers, and they are doing good. So, you do not need to have any experience to do a trek, but we do recommend you jogging, swimming, and walking before coming to Nepal for it. Previous experience will be a plus point.

Altitude Mountain Sickness

It is a sickness caused due to the lack of oxygen at a higher altitude in the mountainous region, and one of the ways to overcome it is to drink plenty of water. The other is descending to a lower altitude, and the medicine you can take to fight against it is Diamox (acetazolamide).

I am a solo trekker, does the trek run?

Yes, the trek runs. We do not charge any extra money for a solo trekker.

What first aid box does TMG carry?

Insect repellent.
Antiseptic cream.
Anti-diarrhoeal drug
Skin cream for blisters.

Does TMG provide mountain rescue?

Yes, it does, and the rescue is done through helicopter, and the cost of the rescue operation is likely to be from USD 2500 to 3000 USD per person. If there is a group rescue operation, then the cost is likely to be USD 500 per person.

Responsible Trekking

Tourism is the main source of income for the guides, porters, and hotel owners in Nepal, so we believe that the Himalayas should be protected not only for this generation but also for the future generation. Every trek that TMG runs focuses on taking care of the ecological aspects and works with the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).

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