Unleash your Dreams in Nepal

by travelmaxguide

on 30th September, 2020

Trekking in Nepal

Unleash your Dreams in Nepal

Nepal is safe to visit because the Nepalis are wise people. Travel in Nepal is a good idea after post COVID. Nepal is safe and it offers you the best trekking destination in the world where you are going to touch with the real nature and the Himalayas of Nepal. If you don’t take our word for it seriously, then ask yourself have you ever seen any foreigners being killed in Nepal?

Travelers from all over the world visit Nepal for a remarkable trip. Famous for trekking, mountaineering, tours, adventures, jungle safaris, volunteering, filming tour/ photography tours, and family holidays, and those who support Nepal through these deserve more than something from Travel Max Guide. Don’t you think so?


According to Travel Max Guide, travel in Nepal could be different because it is completely different from your country. It is bordered by the Himalayas in the northern side. And they are so beautiful that their beauty can change your view of Nepal forever. Based on this, we would like to add that we will get an unlimited view of the world’s highest mountain- Mount Everest 8848m, and you will see other mountains anytime you want to see during Everest Base Camp Trek. You will feel you are in the world’s top country because Nepal has the 8 highest mountains. Besides, Nepal is a third world country. More than this, Nepal is the land of Gorkhali. Their unique lifestyles, culture, and traditional villages are informative, insightful, and entertaining to you.


All these make Nepal the perfect destination for traveling. Kathmandu, its capital, is a historical city and has well-preserved temples, palaces, stupas, and monasteries. Many of these temples, palaces, stupas, and monasteries are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Besides this, Nepal is also home to more than 400 species of birds; it is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Gangetic Dolphins, and one-horned rhinoceros found only in a handful of places in the world. You will have an access to these animals through Travel Max Guide in Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park.

Also, Nepal is rich in water resources, a life-giving, and offers you the options of rafting in many of its rivers.

The natural beauties of Nepal give the ultimate satisfaction to the trekkers; this is how Nepal boosts its tourism. They are not only beautiful but also you will find valuable. Travel Max Guide is knowledgeable about this. Apart from this, we do everything to meet your travel needs throughout Nepal.


Since Nepal is a safe destination, sometime a thing might go out of control. In such a condition, you will need personalized attention. You will always find Travel Max Guide near you. Since we are a local travel operator, we know the inside thing of Nepal very well and let you focus on the thing that will save your money and time. We also have access to resources if you want to upgrade your room and any tourism activities in Nepal. We do help you to plan these activities up to your satisfaction. You will always get the best value from Travel Max Guide. Take advantage of our experts to be in the places of Nepal that you have never heard in your life before. And be the first one to do so either by contacting us on social media or by emailing us.

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written by Prameet Subba