Visit Nepal Year 2020

by travelmaxguide

on 17th December, 2019

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Trekking Paradise- Nepal

Why Nepal in 2020?

Nepal Visit is so cheap that it comes within your budget.

Lying between the two countries, India and China; Nepal creates access for the tourists. Millions of years ago, Nepal was formed due to the collision of lands. The Himalayas were also formed in this way. Because of this, Nepal is one of the best places in the world to travel. The Himalayas which are as old as time has become the best and beautiful assets of Nepal for the tourists. Along with this, Nepal is a multi-cultural country, and thousands of tourists come for trekking every year. Looking at this incoming, you can say Nepal has the best trekking trail, and if you are thinking of trekking outside Europe, then you should straightly head to Nepal in 2020.

What are the Plans of the Government?

MOTCA which is short for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, has a target to bring in 2 million tourists in 2020. You will be one of them. Visit Nepal 2020 is an effort of the MOTCA. Each aspect of Visit Nepal 2020 is looked after by the MOTCA. When the MOTCA makes a plan, you can be sure of one thing: Visit Nepal 2020 will be fantastic.

The Government has given the topmost priority to the infrastructures, such as roads and airports. World Heritage sites have been restored, and Tribhuwan International Airport, which is in Kathmandu, has been expanded to meet the needs of the visitors. It has also expanded Gautama Buddha Airport which is in Bhairahawa. Three Nepal Airlines will be in operation to bring in the tourists as well as to take them to their desired destinations. The Aviation Department of Nepal has finalized the agreement of air service with the UAE, New Zealand, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, and China

The MOTCA has also given the topmost priority to the visitors from the US, China, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. India, China, and Sri Lanka are the neighboring countries of Nepal, and the Government wants to attract the tourists from these countries. The Government has become flexible in its approach and amended the Tourism Act. In other words, it has amended the Casino Regulation, the Travel and Trekking Regulation, and the Expedition Regulation. The products of the Tourism Academy are some of the human resources for Visit Nepal 2020. All the tourism sites have been by the MOTCA for the tourists.

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