Why Nepal would be the Best Destination after Post-Covid

by travelmaxguide

on 22nd December, 2021

Trekking in Nepal


There is no report of tourist death during Covid-19 in Nepal. It is December 2021, and the tourists are pouring into Nepal at the rate of 1.2 %. They haven’t spread Covid in their countries from Nepal accidentally. All of these tourists are westerners. The feedback about Nepal on post-Covid 19 is so positive that we dare to write and post this blog.

We know Nepal better than you because it is the only destination for trekkers in this world. We mean Travel Max Guide. We have seen the locals being affected with Covid and cured by taking paracetamol and zinc tablets. They stayed in isolation for 15 days. They did the Covid test at USD 20 in their homes, and they received their results in less than 5 hours.

More than 78 lakhs Nepali have been jabbed that is 8 million people, including all the trek guides, office staff, and CEO of Travel Max Guide. All these people have been given the topmost priority by the government of Nepal during Covid as well as post-Covid. They have been jabbed two times, and some of them have also received the booster doses. All the vaccines of Covid that were given to us were free, and they were from the USA, India, and China. We are too safe in Nepal. This is what makes Nepal the best destination for travel.

In Nepal, masks are available. In Nepal, sanitizers are available. In Nepal, we just want you to follow in our footsteps because we know how to keep you safe in a crowd. Also, we know the meaning of social distance. These are the protocols that will keep you away from Covid. In addition to these, you have been jabbed in your country.

The government of Nepal has already started the program to jab the children of 3 years in the mountainous region. It is going to use US-made vaccines. It has also jabbed the people of the Himalayan region where you are trekking. The region is too safe to travel making it the best trekking destination. School children are also going to be jabbed in the cities of Nepal. The government has said that the top priority will be given to the people suffering from an auto-immune disease; they do not have to line up for vaccination.

All the health posts of Nepal, whether they are in a village, or city have jabbed all the people who are above 18. All the government hospitals in cities have already started the booster dose. This is what makes Nepal the best destination to travel to during the post-Covid.

As soon as you land at Tribhuwan International Airport, the government will do the quick Covid test. You are in a safe country in the safest hands of the people who work in hospitals and who work in a travel agency.

Why Nepal is still the safest destination to travel even during Covid and after Covid.

We don’t want to spoil the image of Nepal by saying it is the cheapest destination in the world to travel to during the post-Covid. Instead of that, we would like to say Nepal is the best destination that comes within your budget.

When you come to Nepal for trekking, we kindly request you to do travel insurance, and we also request you to do health insurance.

Medical expense is cheap in Nepal compared to your country. Leave this responsibility to Travel Max Guide. How much cheap? Ask this to the CEO of Travel Max Guide during the time of trip booking.

Aren’t you happy now? You certainly are in the world’s best trekking destination Nepal after post-Covid.

Written by: Prameet Subba